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Course Open- No Buggies (updated 21 October at 06:43)

Will all winners please advise the secretary's office in person or email  with the result so that the table can be updated. If you would like to find the contact details of your next opponent you may use the "MY ACCOUNT" section of the website where you will find a "VIEW MEMBERS DETAILS".

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi Final Final WINNER

to be played by

to be played by 03/07/2017

to be played by 01/08/2017

to be played by 28/08/2017

to be played by 11/09/2017

to be played by 25/09/2017


C Stevenson 

C Stevenson  T Ciuriak T Ciuriak  P Stephens   A Welch D Cooper 

J Moloney

  T Cuiriak 
  C Slatter  C Slatter 
   J Pearson


M Counsell J Pritchard P Stephens 
  J Pritchard
  D Payne  P Stephens

P Stephens

P Stephens

C Papresti

  S Locke S Locke S Locke  A Welch 
  L Edwards
  K Filbey  K Filbey
  T Kingsbury
  A Rabjohns A Welch   A Welch
  A Welch

C Jones

P Brown K Woolnough

P Brown

  K Woolnough

R Greenwell

J Hindle A Mock A Mock  D Cooper  D Cooper 

J Hindle

  A Mock


M Shaw M Shaw 
  A Hill
   C Bourne C Bourne  D Cooper 
   G Thompson
  M Hopwood D Cooper 
  D Cooper
  P Jones P Jones J Carpenter  C Wagstaff 
  A Blair
  M Bradley J Carpenter
  J Carpenter
  C Wagstaff C Wagstaff C Wagstaff 
  I Watson
  J Hobson J Hobson
R Churchman  O Christie

O Christie