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"Since 2007 Lilley Brook Golf Club has been run by a Board of Directors, consisting  a Chairman and 4 other directors"

The Chairman and directors are elected  at the AGM for a 3 year period and other than the Treasurer, are limited to a maximum of two 3 year terms each.  Each director has specific responsibilties within the Club including:-  House Committee, Golf Committee, Finance, Course Management and Marketing.

Below are the names of the directors together with their responsibilities and contact details - (just click on the name to send them an email).

Chairman - Tim Clinkl


Chairman - Tim Clink

Tim has been a member of Lilleybrook Golf Club since 1978. Tim was Gloucesterhsire Captain for four seasons from 2005 and was previously a regular member of the Gloucestershire Team.

Overall leadership and strategic direction of the golf club with specific responsibilty for the presentation and condition of the golf course, through the Course Manager,.



Treasurer - John Ashenhurst


Treasurer - John Ashenhurst
John, a member for 12 years,  was a founding Director having been elected at the 2007 AGM and appointed Treasurer, a role he has held ever since. He was re-elected in 2011.

All matters relating to the financial control of the Club’s business including  subscriptions, and overall responsibilty for Club Office administration.




Director - John Edwards


Director - John Edwards
John, a member for  28 years and a past Captain of Lilley Brook in 1997/98, was elected to the board at the 2011 AGM. He  has been instrumental in producing and updating  all our policies and procedures ensuring the Club adheres to present day requirements.   

Research, Planning and Compliance and also, through the Golf Committee, overall responsibility for golf matters,competitions and handicaps.



Director - Rob Barker
Rob, a member for 23 years, was elected to the board at the 2017 AGM.  

All matters pertaining to the Clubhouse.